• Designer Rug - Round Geode - Frost
  • Designer Rug - Round Geode - Forest
  • Designer Rug - Round Geode - Earth
  • Designer Rug - Round Geode - Violet
  • Designer Rug - Round Geode - Rose
Geode Round Graphic Bullseye Pattern Bold Rug

about this rug

This handmade round wool rug is inspired by the striking concentric circles observed in a geode - a hollow space inside a piece of rock which often contains various mineral crystals in a dazzling array of colours. This fresh, versatile rug is perfect for both a large or small space with a clean, modern aesthetic, and its bright colours make it a great fit for a children’s room. It is available in five contemporary colourways - Chocolate (dark brown) Violet, Frost (light blue), Rose and Forest (green).

geode round graphic bullseye pattern bold rug

standard sizes:

  • 1.25m diameter: £525
  • 1.5m diameter: £750
  • 2m diameter: £1335

standard colourways:

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delivery information:

Delivery to mainland UK destinations is £25-50 per rug for standard sizes. Additional delivery charges apply for sizes larger than 2m X 3m and for international destinations - please contact me for a quote.

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