behind the scenes - under the sea rug and wallpaper collection

These long, hot summer days have got everyone going to (or dreaming about) the seaside, so what better time to shine a spotlight on the Under the Sea collection? The underwater world has always been a huge fascination for me and an endless source of inspiration. I recently fulfilled a long-held ambition to learn to scuba dive which means that I can now finally seek out underwater inspiration in person rather than from books, which has been really exciting for me! Here I divulge the often seldom-seen natural phenomena that have inspired my Under the Sea ocean-inspired rug and wallpaper collection.

labyrinth shaped rug

I have been seeing images of brain coral in books and magazines like National Geographic for many years, so I was really excited to spot some fairly sizeable pieces of it in person on one of my first ever dives. It was a great starting point for my graphic Labyrinth rug. The maze is one of the most common recurring shapes in nature, and also features in my logo.


kelp forest

The Kelp Forest rug was inspired by the towering kelp forests that can be found in cooler waters such as the Pacific Northwest. I discovered these at the Toronto aquarium and would love to see them in person one day. This relaxed, versatile rug is a great fit for a cool, modern bedroom or living space.


star coral shaped rug

I remember finding fragments of this coral washed up ashore when I lived in Kuwait as a child (oh, to live five minutes away from a beach again!) Nevertheless, I was still amazed to see much, bigger pieces of it still alive underwater on many of my recent dives abroad. It has been the inspiration behind my Star Coral shaped statement rug, as well as a few other pieces - namely the Star Coral and Coral Atoll wallpapers.


seaweed knots rug

Most people generally find seaweed boring and/or a nuisance, however, I found the unusual circular pattern on strands of bladderwrack seaweed interesting enough to turn into the elegant, modern Seaweed Knots rug design. If it wasn’t for the name, I imagine seaweed would be the last thing you think of when you look at it.


coral atoll rug

Mushroom coral is probably my favourite coral (doesn’t everyone have a favourite coral? What, just me?) It is such a spectacular, intricate form that really makes a big impact. I would just love to have it in my living room in the form of the Coral Atoll statement rug. Ocean is my favourite standard colourway of this rug, but it is versatile enough to work in any number of custom colourways – visit the bespoke rugs page for more information.


See the whole Under the Sea rug and wallpaper collection for more fascinating ocean-inspired products, or visit the bespoke rugs page to learn how to commission your own.

posted on 2017 / 07 / 19

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